Family Support

Family Support

We aim to address all the social, mental and ecomomical challenges through the provision of comfort, sollace advice and assurnace to any distressed people living in Leicester.   We strive to reduce family disintegration though offering support services to families and assiting family reunions.

Transitioning to life in the British Community

Migrants from Ethnic minorities living in many United Kingdom communities face a wide range of obstacles and disadvantages including language barriers, food and economic poverty, poor access to healthcare, education, and getting employment

We know from experience that settling into the British Community can be extemely over whelming, therefore we help to keep families together during the settling in period.   We will do everything we can to offer practical advice and emotional support to help familes settle, strenghen the family unit and maintain strong family values.

Family support activities for new migrants include:

  • Advice and guidance to parents/guardians on raising children in a new culture
  • Combatting culture shock
  • Support for youths and adults to become fully law abiding citzens
  • Guidance for children on how to avoid getting involved in criminal activity
  • How to stay safe living in the UK

We offer personalised and flexible support around family needs, sign posting people to the right support agencies who can deal with your welfare rights and any other support required.

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