Friends Forever is a community group based in Leicester, it was founded by Ethnic minority refugees and people with migrant backgrounds who understand and have themselves made it through the challenging experience of settling in United Kingdom.

What we do

Friends Forever provide culturally sensitive support services to migrants through our drop-in-centre programme.  We encompass educational support, homework clubs, employment support through identifying suitable jobs, completion of application and interview skills, health support, family support and support to access rights and entitlements.

We also organise community days for ethnic minorities migrant community to engage in sports, dance, food, get together activities and signpost individuals and families to specialist community resources and support.

Our origins arise from social inclusion ethos, to empower those migrants who are socially, economically or physically vulnerable, endeavouring to play a role in promoting individual well-being and building friendly communities.

Migrants from Ethnic minorities living in many United Kingdom communities face a wide range of obstacles and disadvantages including language barriers, food and economic poverty, poor access to healthcare, education, and getting employment.

Our Community Goals

We aim to:

  • Reduce family disintegration through family support services and assisting family reunion
  • Encourage members to work in this country
  • Increase moral awareness in youths through extracurricular activities that encouragement of positive thinking
  • Develop a culture of work and self-dependence in both youth and adults opposed to living off benefits and hand outs
  • Distract our youth from idleness and habits that exposes them to a high risk of crime through sporting and social engagements
  • Reduce crime rate by removing the feeling of desperation and helplessness among immigrants/BAME
  • Help immigrants integrate and become fully participative and responsible law-abiding citizens
  • Promote awareness of individual worth and right to equality and all the entitlements available to them
  • Promote the rights of individuals and provide support for the attainment of these welfare rights